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Children In Need Day

posted on 11 November 2011 | posted in BBC Children In Need Day

children in need

This coming Friday 18th of November is BBC Children in need day. We hope that everyone is planning on taking part in whatever way they can to raise funds for this fantastic charity event.
To raise funds you need to think of a fund raising event. Once you have chosen what event you are going to carry out, the next step is to obtain sponsorship to help you to raise those much needed funds.
This is where Party On Fancy Dress can help you. A lot of fund raising charity events are usually carried out in fancy dress. The fancy dress theme helps to make the event a more joyous occasion and if you can get everyone to join in and all dress up together it could make for a real entertaining and fun day for everyone.
You could be raising funds to help children and at the same time having a real ball doing so!

A few ideas to help you along the way could be a sponsored walk, jog, cycle, swim or sporting event. From experience of doing 24 hour sponsored events myself make sure you chose an activity that will keep you focused and one that you will enjoy doing so that it does not feel like a chore. Always make sure that if you are opting for a physical sponsored event that you are in tip top condition to carry out such a task.

Want to do something less strenuous? Then how about a sponsored silence, book read or even a quiz.

A sponsored back wax, chest wax, leg wax or even a total head shave can also be good ways to raise those pennies that are required to help Children in need.

You may even consider a sponsored baking event which will then give you an end product to sell on to raise even more funds.

There are many various websites that you can now use to obtain online sponsorship forms and a more common one that springs to mind is just giving.

Ok so you have now chosen your activity, you have signed up for your online sponsorship page what to do next? The next thing to do is to promote your activity. whether it be by posters, local radio, local papers, flyers or even a few A4 notices to pin up in shops or local business premises. Make your posters eye catching with maybe balloons, ribbons or buntings. You may even want to really push the boat out and have badges, car stickers and invites printed with a cost cutting company such as vistaprint.

The next thing to do is to keep one eye on the weather to see if your event is going to be a wash out and if so you can relocate to maybe an indoor event so that your day can pass off without any problems. Always keep everyone safe and especially if you are getting younger children involved too.

Once you have carried out your event the next thing to do is to collect in your sponsorship money. Always try to get friends or family to sponsor you and not strangers. You are more likely to collect the funds from people close to you and it is safer again if young children are helping with your activity.

Remember to thank everyone that joins in your event and even more so thank everyone that kindly donates. You can obtain your thank you certificates from BBC Children in need here.

All staff at Party On Fancy Dress will be taking part this coming Friday and we hope that we can offer you some good ideas and costumes from our fancy dress range. We have lots of outfits to chose from in Ladies Fancy Dress, Mens Fancy Dress and Children's Fancy Dress.

We also have wigs, masks and fancy dress accessories to help you make it the prefect fund raising event.

This coming week we will be taking stock of fancy dress action heroes as we know these are always required at charity fund raising events. Another great fancy dress outfit idea is Pudsey the bear.
We wish all those planning events and taking part to raise money the very best of luck and we hope all goes well with every activity and that you get your fancy dress from Party On Fancy Dress! To help you along the way use discount code AL123 and it will give you 10% off your fancy dress purchase.